Coconut lagoon kumarakom casino group

coconut lagoon kumarakom casino group

Kerala, is known for its culture and tradition which is mixed with the natural beauty. This is a resort built by an old local family in the palm groves beside Vembanad Lake. The colonial style houses of white stucco and dark Keralan teak represent the kind of architecturally and aesthetically sound tourism now rare elsewhere in India. The Vembanad backwaters act as the watery highway for ukmarakom resort. From the jetty, the Great Vembanad Kagoon Transfer boat takes you to the resort.
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    Take the butterfly garden or the sunset boat cruise or the floating tea shop or an evening performance of Kerala dance and arts, take anything and all you would get is a once kumarakom a lifetime experience with guaranteed memories. In Coconut Lagoon, the Kerala heritage spirit reflects in every structure. The accommodation options offered coconut Coconut Lagoon is a unique aspect casino itself. The following are lagoon of the traditional and comfortable options of stay:.

    Whether it is the structures or the gardens, the touch of nature is very grlup visible. group

    coconut lagoon kumarakom casino group

    The smallest cow in the world, the Darter bird, butterfly garden, the wooden work, doors with the Manichithrathazhu locks, Panorama: reception canal, mystic sacred groves and many more, brings in the traditional aspect of the resort. The other aspect of this resort is that more than 8 acres of their 30 acres land is given out for rice cultivation.

    coconut lagoon kumarakom kerala, CGH Earth Hotel

    Yoga and Meditation, Kalarippayattu practice, Bird watching, Butterfly garden and Dragon Fly watching, Talk on Ayurveda, Games like table tennis, badminton and carom, Library, Cooking Demonstration, Sunset Cuisine, Vembanad Biosphere, Sari and Dhoti demonstation, Cultural programmes etc are some of the interesting things that you can do here. Request for Best Rate. View Map. Request For Best Rate.

    One of the charms of the resort is that being surrounded by backwaters, it is only accessible only by boat. The spirit of traditional Kerala is echoed in Coconut Lagoon. This resort came into being after traditional homesteads pagoon across Kerala were taken apart and carefully put together to give its present form.

    Heavily influenced by ' Thachu Shastra 'a traditional principle of architecture, the resort is an exotic concoction of ethnic designs and modern day comforts. Built on a Kerala themeCoconut Lagoon resort is sure to give the Keralites a trip down the memory lane and reward you with a few nostalgic moments. If you are a first timer in Kerala, you will be find this completely fresh and exciting. The accommodation at Coconut Lagoon consists of two styles: lakside pool villas and the splendid traditional cottages called tharavads, which are the jumarakom wooden houses of Kerala.

    The tharavads are ranged across the resort and consist of an upstairs bedroom and downstairs living room which attached external shower room.

    coconut lagoon kumarakom casino group

    The tharavads at the resort are wonderfully romantic with their raised traditional beds and bench surrounds. They are our favourite. The pool villas are more contemporary, even if they retain a certain traditional, simple style. Their location facing West means you get your own private view of sunset and of course, they offer a kumaraom pool for you to enjoy a deux. Having sat with a drink, watching the sun set, I can reliably inform you: it works!

    The light is kagoon on the glistening varnished woodwork as you sit in the traditional reclining chairs on the verandah. Set a few yards from the restaurant near the pool is the cocktail bar which is the resort of last hope for hot traveller seeking a sun downer or a little liquid refreshment before a hot curry.

    All the normal beers are available, but we tend to soak ourselves in a cocktail because that's just the way we roll. The menu features Kerala staples and even Ayurvedic drinks.


    Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom, Kerala hotels, Kerala, India.

    The red rice, served at the restaurant is typical of Kerala and is organically grown which makes it just the kind of healthy meal you would want on a holiday. It can be combined with local classics and vegetarian dishes banana chips, kottu, thoran For visitors who need a break from local cooking, there is an array of kimarakom dishes to choose as xoconut. Children are also catered. Some of the other facilities at the resort include swimming pool, channel music, smoke alarms and mini bar.

    coconut lagoon kumarakom kerala, kerala resorts, resorts in kumarakom, CGH earth hotel in kumarakom

    You can visit the resort's Ayurvedic spa that offers rejuvenation packages and Ayurvedic massages. You can keep cool by sitting at the lakeside and enjoying the afternoon breeze as it wafts off the water across the plantation. This is also the ideal time to waiti for the setting sun which weather permitting is always magical. We also tend to find ourselves drawn towards the swimming pool hidden in the trees.

    Nothing beats the mid-day mad dog than a quick dip. The guests can also make the best of their backwater holiday by taking up a houseboat cruise and set out on a journey of discovery and exploration.

    Kumarakom, Hotels/Resorts in Kumarakom, Houseboat Booking, Tourism Attractions, Kumarakom, kerala

    This hotel is set in the most idyllic surroundings. Our arrival by boat and land set the scene for a very memorable three days. The villas are beautifully spacious and private. Because of the backwaters you are continually crossing little bridges to get around the estate.

    Coconut Lagoon Resort in Kumarakom - Kottayam - Kerala - Best Reviews & Rates

    The staff were extremely helpful and efficient. The facilities were A1 everything was spotless and they had a very good shop on site. They have a small nature reserve where we saw some wonderfully exotic butterflies and dragonflies.

    An interplay of coconut groves and backwater canals, with old wooden Keralan homes transplanted, preserved and cherished. Coconut Lagoon is located in a sheltered and enchanting cove in Kumarakom, this resort reflects the diversity and magnificence of Vemband Lake. Coconut Lagoon. Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom, Kerala, India is a CGH Earth Group Enterprise (Formerly Known as the Casino Group) now synonymous with Kumarakom and backwater treasures of Kerala in India. It is located hidden among the palm trees on the eastern shore of Lake Vembanad, at Kumarakom, at the mouth of the Kavanar River. Coconut Lagoon Kumarakom Celebrate Kerala's backwater life. Spice Village Thekkady Eco-living close to the wild. Brunton Boatyard Fort Kochi Embracing Fort Kochi's Colonial history. Eighth Bastion Fort Kochi The Dutch legacy re-imagined. Chittoor Kottaram Ernakulam Live like the Kochi Rajah. Marari Beach Mararikulam The sea-side village experience.